Wednesday, March 21, 2012

what's on my bookshelf wednesday {11} - the finale

Thank-you for sticking it out with me over the past 11 (!!) weeks as I've shared what books are living on the various bookshelves around my house.  I have loved hearing from you guys about what you are reading and what books you recommend from your own collections.  There are boxes of books hidden away in storage, and more crammed in various nooks around our house, that I might share another time if I get this feature going again.  Here's the finale of What's on my Bookshelf Wednesday!

Week 12:  Our kitchen bookshelf


Our kitchen shelf houses a ton of cookbooks that are pretty much just collecting dust (and grease) from lack of use and all the cooking splatter.  I am much more likely to call my mom for a recipe or just do an internet search (hello Pinterest) for recipes than dig through one of my cookbooks, but I really like having them on display for some reason. 

Because I so rarely use these books, I can't in good conscience make an educated recommendation from this shelf.  So....  I have to ask you guys:  what cookbooks do you use regularly?  What websites have great recipes that you love?


  1. I use the Joy of Cooking for baking recipes since I KNOW they'll turn out. But I've spent many an hour sighing over Mastering the Art of French Cooking and I've never made a single recipe in it...

  2. I think it's so funny that both Amelia and I thought to add our two cents - about the same two books. Th Joy of Cooking is my fall-back for basic recipes, while Julia Child's tomes are great for trying to re-create dishes from my time in France. I also rely heavily upon Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook for my baking (and, admittedly, The Cake Doctor for upgrading box cake mixes.) But really, I think my favorite book is actually the 3 binders' worth of recipes that I've gathered from a wide variety of magazines and newspapers. Old school Pinterest, baby!

    On websites, i'm a little obsessed with (healthy) and (not-so-healthy).