Friday, March 16, 2012

under the sea is where we'll be

Just a few hours of work stand between me and the start of our road trip to upstate New York for Natalie's second birthday party!  We are (mostly) packed and (mostly) really excited for our long weekend getaway.  I'll admit, it's a little terrifying to travel with the kid, even after (almost) two years of practice.  We're crossing our fingers that the drive goes smoothly and Natalie adjusts to a new bed quickly enough for all of us to get a bit of sleep over the next few nights.

I'm more than just mostly excited about Natalie's birthday party, I have to admit.  I'm sure she'll be overwhelmed by all of the hustle bustle, but I absolutely can't wait to have so many of our favorite people in one room together singing happy birthday to our little budgie.  Our car is packed to the gills with under the sea decorations and games, and my camera is ready to start snapping a million pictures of our time with family and friends.  I can't wait!

Natalie has been getting a little excited about the party, too (how much she really "gets" it all, I don't know), and we've been going over and over who will be there to celebrate with her.  She'll repeat back lots of guests names, and over the past few mornings when she wakes up she asks, "Party?  Gma?  Bampa?  Tylea a-Noly?" or some other guests names.  It's too funny.  When we ask how old she is going to be, she holds up three fingers (that darn thumb!) and shouts, "ALMOST TWOOOO!" and does a little dance of excitement.  I hope she loves our trip.

It'll be quiet on the blog until we're back on Monday evening.  Have a great weekend!  Cross your crossables on my behalf that we have a safe & un-disastrous trip. :)


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