Sunday, March 11, 2012

steppin' out: daycare carnival edition

Mikey let me sleep in on Saturday morning (thank-you, thank-you, Moo!) while he and Natalie had tea parties and cheese sticks for breakfast.  By the time I finally rolled out of bed, it was time to shower & get dressed for the Spring Carnival hosted by Natalie's daycare staff and parent group.  I had volunteered to lead a sticker station, so I zipped off and out the door to help with set-up right before Natalie's nap, and she got to join in the fun a little later that afternoon.  Before I hit the road, Mike got a couple of pictures of us ready to Step Out:

On Mama:  Jeans:  The Limited // Sweater:  TJ Maxx // Boots:  JCP

On the budgie:  Leggings:  gifted // Green layered top:  TJ Maxx // Cherry top:  Old Navy // Preposterous adult Nikes:  mine, picked up at Olympia a couple years back (she insisted on wearing them while she "a-posed")

The Carnival was tons o' fun, and Natalie had a blast checking out all of the different stations.  All that bouncy-house-fishing-pool-bowling-hoop-throwing-sand-bracelet-making stuff helped to wipe her out completely in time for a nice easy bedtime.  Thank-you, daycare!

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  1. the pigtails are so freakin cute!awwww!~

  2. That sweater looks gorgeous on you and Nat is as sweet as ever! Looks like a great day!