Sunday, February 26, 2012

vacation. the picture version {1}

Check in to hotel / Let Natalie tear room apart / Walk a few city blocks & settle in for drinks and food / Watch Natalie dance frantically in our booth & cover her face in ketchup & wheel her stroller between booths / Peek at the hotel pool / Watch part of Aladdin & zonk out by 8:15.

Wake up by 5:30 / Scarf Dunkin' Donuts / Walk a few city blocks / Watch Natalie dance frantically around the Prudential Center / Ride the T to Science Park / Explore the Museum of Science for a couple of hours / Try in vain for a few hours to get Natalie to nap / Shout for joy when the Gebbies arrive / Eat pizza & throw the kids in the tub / Watch part of Aladdin until Natalie zonks out for the night / Grab a drink and talk Tylea's ear off until our yawning forces us back to our rooms 


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