Wednesday, February 29, 2012

this week, so far.


Natalie's first gymnastics class!  She was so nervous, and clung to me most of the time, but I know she's going to l-o-v-e it more and more each week.  She's already been talking about all the "singing and clapping" she got to do at "a-nastics." 


Costume day at daycare (part of their 'Cabin Fever Reliever' week activities).  I chose fairy wings for Natalie to wear.  She refused.  She chose rain boots, tutu, and puffy vest.


Cranky morning fixed with the help of a tub full of glow sticks.  Coffee & cookie date after breakfast.  Story hour at the library.  Kicking a ball around the sunny backyard.  Countdown to snow begins!

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  1. I have totally been eating all of your posts up lately, even more than usual!! Nat is just getting so big and you can totally see her personality shining through! What a sweet little girl you have been blessed with:)