Friday, February 17, 2012

reader questions answered {1}

I've gotten a couple of comments & emails lately that I have been too lazy to reply to personally (I know, bad blogger!), so I'm going to devote some posts to them. 

After hearing me mention my new love for red lipstick a couple of times, my sweet Amanda asked me to share what brand/color I'm loving lately.  I've just recently become hooked on Revlon's Lip Butter line, especially the Candy Apple color (shown in this Emma Stone ad).

I like that it's not chalky, which is my constant fear with red lipstick in particular.  I also like that it costs under $7 a pop.  And I especially like that it doesn't overwhelm a pale complexion like mine.

Some ladies from around the internet who are great at rocking the red lipstick are Mandy, Chelsey, and Jess.

Any other great red lipstick recommendations?


  1. Thank you, thank you for answering my question :) I definitely have to try this!!

  2. I got that exact shade not long ago, too! And it's my first red lipstick ever!