Tuesday, February 21, 2012

our long weekend

Our Presidents' Day weekend was chock full of time spent with loved ones.  After such a fun weekend, it was awfully hard to drag myself in to work and back to the real world today.  The only thing softening the blow of a full workday is the prospect of 6 full days off with Mike and the budgie that begin, um, now.  We'll spend tomorrow running errands, hanging at the library story hour, and getting packed up for a trip to Boston. 

Here are a few photos & details from our weekend:

* Saturday was spent hanging with my parents and sister for her birthday.  We had a big lasagna lunch, raced around the playground, and eventually Stepped Out for margaritas and burgers.

* Sunday we went out for a big brunch with Em and Travis before more visitors arrived on our doorstep.  We got to spend the next couple of days with Natalie's Bampa and Mimi, and Harper.  We took Natalie for a trip to the Children's Museum, gorged ourselves on pizza, and tucked in for the night.

Yesterday was relatively low-key--lobster roll lunch, lots of coffee and cookies, plenty of tea parties with Natalie, a big home-cooked meal with plenty of wine, a long game of Catan.  It was a great long weekend.

And I'm ready for more of it. 


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