Wednesday, February 22, 2012

an impromptu lazy day

Natalie woke us up bright and early this morning (what is it about 4am that is so appealing to this kid every now and then?).  Mike took the first shift and then we switched sometime around 6:30.  While he slept, Natalie and I played with chalk and put together some of her new wooden puzzles (thanks, Bampa & Mimi!).

We had planned on sending Natals off to daycare for the morning tomorrow, while we scrambled to pack for our trip to Boston and get the house cleaned up by her 11:30 naptime.  Instead, by a bit of good luck, her daycare let us know they had an opening today if we wanted to switch up her schedule.  It means we miss out on story hour (wah!), but it also means that I have a full 8 hour day home alone with my husband.  For, you know, the productive pack-and-clean stuff.  And also the snuggle-and-be-lazy stuff. 

I feel only slightly guilty for sending my exhausted toddler off to daycare on a random day, but mostly I feel pumped that I have a little vacation day with the Moo and we won't have to bust ass trying to get everything ready to go for our trip tomorrow morning.  Plus, that 3:45 wake-up call has left me in dire need of a nap today. 


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