Sunday, January 22, 2012

steppin' out saturday: nana's birthday edition

We've been battling a bit of the snuffly-snotty-sickness around here for the past couple of days, but that didn't stop us from stepping out to my mom's birthday celebration.  Natalie was counting down all morning to get to see "Nana, a-Poppy, a-auntie Emma!"  It didn't hurt that she also had pizza, cake, and ice cream to look forward to, as well.

Jacket:  No idea.  Purchased in college // Purse:  TJ Maxx // Jeans:  Express // Top:  NY&Co.

The budgie wore a gifted Koala Kids dress with Old Navy tights and JCP ruby slippers.

1 comment:

  1. Looking super sassy with your coat and purse! Love it!! And I could just pinch Nat's cheeks, she is the most cuddly cute little thing!!!