Monday, January 16, 2012

steppin' out randomness

After seeing the above pictures, do you really care what the heck I was wearing when we stepped out with Jaymelia (or, as Natalie says, "Meliajay") for whiskeys and burgers?  Probably you're more interested in the whiskey, no?  In any case, we made our way to Billy's Tavern for a couple of hours before hunkering down for some intense Catan Settling.  It's just how we roll.  Natalie spent the night with her Nana, and I stayed up past midnight.  It was a pretty notable Saturday, really.
I wore my fave Target leggings & a top I picked up for under $10 somewhere in the Maine mall.  Talk about phoning it in for this Steppin' Out post, but oh, well.
The rest of the night was devoted to important things like taking mildly embarrassing photos of each other and playing multiple games of 52 pick-up aimed directly at Mikey's face.

How were your long weekends?
Inexplicably, I'm still linking up for Steppin' Out Saturday.  Check out what some actually fabulous mommies wore this weekend over at the Haps!

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  1. It's not easy getting hit in the face repeatedly with a deck of cards, but after seeing that picture, by God, it was worth it.