Tuesday, December 13, 2011

santa baby

Did I tell you that we tried a second attempt at visiting Santa?  Our first trip was less than happy, so we figured we'd go the try, try again route.  It was definitely an improved experience, but Natalie was still not ready to trust the big guy enough to sit on his lap (or even let me hold her on the hip closest to him).

These photos were complimentary as part of Camden's Christmas by the Sea event, which was a pretty sweet little deal.  It meant that I didn't need to wrangle a cranky kid and try to maneuver my camera.  

If you (like me) love pictures of kids with Santa (especially kids who aren't super happy to be near Santa), be sure to check out the link-up over at Harper's Happenings.  Mandy is playing host to everyone's ridiculous Santa photos, which are absolutely killing me.  My favorites so far are Stacey's, Mandy's,  Melissa's, and Lisa's.  Yeah, I'm pretty much a terrible person. 

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  1. i'm totally sending out my santa picture in our christmas card. i'm sure my family will think i'm crazy but i think it's funny!! here's to next year and hopefully our kid's will love santa then!