Thursday, December 1, 2011

a good day

You know those days when it's your kid doing all the screaming in the checkout line, or you spill your coffee directly down the front of your white shirt, or the fact that there is no cart corral at TJ Maxx makes your head want to explode with frustration?

Yesterday was the opposite of that kind of day.  We have our fair share of rough ones, to be sure, but lately it has felt like toddlerhood has been kind to us.  We spent the morning running errands around town, and Natalie actually said thank-you & bye-bye at the grocery store without being prompted, and she was happy to read books and have a tea party with me instead of begging for Gabba.  For the first time ever, she showed off how many of the moves she knows to the songs at story hour (dominated Roly Roly Poly & Itsy Bitsy, seriously), where she got to snuggle with Nana.  Lunchtime went smoothly, she fell asleep for her nap without a peep, and we spent our afternoon Christmas shopping and taking her "dolwees" for a walk by the water.

On the rough days, it is so easy to forget the wonderful hours of good behavior and silly playtime and sweet snuggles.  I have been working on savoring these special moments and bringing them to mind when I feel my fuse reaching its breaking point.  Toddlerhood is full of new challenges, but I reallyreallyreally love it in a way I wasn't sure that I would for a while.  


  1. Nawww, what a cutie!! I love when my bubba just hangs with me, wanting snuggles and just being gorgeous! Those times really do carry you through the rough!!