Tuesday, December 6, 2011

advent recap {wk 1}

So far our nightly Advent ritual has gone over like gangbusters with Natalie.  She loves it.  We've been in the habit of opening her newest book/experience and then re-reading the books from previous nights because she likes them so much.  Here's what we've done so far:

Night 1:  Elmo's Merry Christmas, a lift-the-flap book.  Her hands-down fave so far.

Night 2:  a gifted board book (no title?) about angels playing various instruments at Christmastime.

Night 3:  Making handprint Santas.  Natalie did a great job fingerpainting until she decided to just eat the paint.

Night 4:  Watching Elf!  My favorite so far, but I wasn't sure Natalie would be into it.  She watches some TV, but she is very particular about what she will watch (which is probably good since we don't want to encourage lots of TV time).  Luckily, she got really into Elf and was willing to watch almost a full 20 minutes.  Woo-hoo!  She loves the beginning especially, and has been asking for "Elf!  Baby!  Santa!" so we will play the part where Buddy crawls into Santa's bag at the orphanage.

She has also been saying, "Oh, Buddy...." and shaking her head at his silliness, which is pretty hysterical.

Night 5:  A Merry Bunny Christmas (a Max and Ruby book....?  I don't know what that means, but I think they are on TV).

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  1. Max and Ruby were some of my favorites growing up - I LOVE Max. The books predate the show, I promise.

    My favorite is the book where Ruby spends the whole book trying to get Max to say "Yum-yum" and finally, at the end, "Delicious!" says Max.