Monday, November 14, 2011

our whirlwind weekend

We hit the road for upstate New York for the long weekend to celebrate with our friends Jen and Chris as they (finally!) tied the knot.  These two have been together for something like 12 years, and we couldn't have been happier to see them get married.  It was a gorgeous, intimate wedding at an Italian restaurant, and everyone was just overflowing with happiness and excitement.  It really was a great evening, and we were so glad to be part of the celebration. 

The wedding was a chance for me and the Moo to get all dolled up and have a night of grown-up fun while the Natifuster spent the night with her Gma and Gpa.  We took full advantage of our night o' freedom, drinking too much wine, staying up too late, and sleeping in well past our usual 5am wake-up call.  It was fabulous.

The drive to Albany is right around 6 hours, which makes it just far enough away that we only make the trip 2 or 3 times a year.  When we are in town, we try to cram in visits with as many of our friends and family as possible.  After a big evening out on Friday, we spent Saturday recovering (napping!) and then fit in a playdate with Natalie's cousin Carly and Amber's daughters Delilah and Cecilia.  Little miss Delilah is probably the funniest kid I have ever met--such a smart little firecracker, she absolutely cracked me up the whole afternoon.  She took a liking to our "Natals" and spent most of our visit trying to convince Natalie to play with her.  

We had such a fun long weekend, despite it being a bit of a whirlwind (as usual).  Natalie had a great time with her Gma and Gpa, and has been talking about them non-stop since we hit the road yesterday morning. 


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