Wednesday, November 9, 2011

feeding a toddler

We've been lucky that, for the most part, Natalie has been a hearty and adventurous eater from her first taste of solid food on.  With the exception of some anti-vegetable phases, she has been willing to try almost anything and doesn't shy away from intense flavors (she loves curry, crushed red pepper, spicy salsa, and buffalo sauce).  I have found that the biggest hindrance to varying her diet is my lack of creativity; I've tried to keep her meals interesting as much as possible, but sometimes I get into a rut where I find I'm serving her the same lunch practically every day.  The toughest days to fit new foods into her diet are when she's off at daycare--I want to pack food that I know she will eat, but since she attends a "green-certified" facility where they will only microwave one (glass) jar of of food per child, usually I just opt not to pack anything that needs to be heated and stick to the same basic foods every Tuesday and Thursday.  I am desperate to sneak a peek in some of the other kids' lunch boxes to see what other parents are packing! 

I've loved that miss james and Drea have shared what they feed their children (here and here), and thought I'd do the same.  Here is a random sampling of Natalie's lunches from the past week or so.  Any fun suggestions for new things I can add? 

part of a mom made meal brand spaghetti with turkey meatballs, a handful of white cheddar bunnies, and organic berries

half a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, cherry tomatoes, blueberry yogurt with fresh raspberries, a handful of crunchies

mashed squash, organic herb & garlic crackers, a cheese stick, and sliced strawberries

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  1. These all look so great!! You're covering all the food groups and everything looks so pretty and colorful!