Thursday, August 11, 2011

the women of blogher

This post is to introduce you to a handful of the women I met at BlogHer '11. I have been sifting through the behemoth pile of business cards I gathered while in San Diego, and it has truly made me feel a bit homesick to check out all their blogs. My home is absolutely here in Maine, with the Moo and the budgie, but a little piece of my heart now resides in that world filled with the other bloggers I met on the west coast. They? Get it. (I want, so badly, to meet more of you in NYC who also Get It. Buy your tickets now, ladies. Fo' reals.)

Here are a handful of those women, who you should join me in getting to know.

Tara. Obviously. My roommate & the Geeky Hostess herself, Tara was such a huge part of making my trip so amazing. Anyone who is willing to duck out of Sparklecorn for liquor and get back in time to steal one of the cardboard cutouts is a winner in my book. Her blog is filled with a ton of great geeky stuff for the funky host in all of us.

Natalie, Lizz, and Jessica, who welcomed me to their table during the Newbie Breakfast on day one. All sweet, all beautiful, and all completely genuine.

Terri. One of the dolls I met at Sparklecorn who absolutely made my night. Terri is a mom of 4 (and adopting 1 more!), who charmed me from the minute I met her.

Kristin and Sue. These two are like peas and carrots, and were just about the sweetest ever. They have inspired me to consider vlogging (eep!) and didn't judge in the least that I was without a twitter handle. They are both dolls, and I know you will just love them!

Okay, that's a start. Not even a dent in the stack, but a start. Happy reading!


  1. I'm aiming to get myself to NYC b/c you are right, the folks at BlogHer Get It.

    Hooray for vlogging! Jessica @ My Time as Mom is a great vlogging resource.

    And thank you for the link. :)

  2. Best roomie ever! I had an amazing time with you. And those women were all so great. Thanks for introducing me to some of them!