Friday, August 26, 2011

soaking it up before we get soaked

It looks like Maine is going to catch the tail end of Irene's wrath, most likely mid-weekend. With the likelihood of a rained-in couple of days ahead, we've been outside as much as possible over the last couple of days. I've never been a big fan of rainy weather (aside from the occasional tea-bath-book rainy day), but since having a child I have come to loathe days when we can't get outside to play. Natalie is at her happiest and most compliant when we are playing together in the sunshine, and the thought of being trapped inside while the wind howls, the rain pours, and we potentially lose power... well, I'm dreading it.

While we count down to our gloomy final summer weekend (Mike is back at work for the start of another school year on Monday), here's a peek at some of our outdoor fun from the past couple of days:

Playing at Merryspring Nature Center / Throwing on rainy-day gear to brave some sprinkles on a walk to get ice cream / Hanging out at the fair


  1. Baby girl sure does rock the bangs. And the hair accessories! Good luck this weekend. As I have no child (at least, not outside my belly), I am looking forward to a rainy day so I can get ahead on some work and possibly start a secret project for my husband's bday next week. That's my silver lining!

  2. Stay safe guys! Secretly, I'm a little jealous..not of being in a hurricane, but yes, being in a hurricane..maybe not just the strongest part!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is a cutie pie!!!! Every time I see her picture she gets even more adorable! Can't wait to see you guys in a few more weeks :)

  4. How much cuter can she possibly get?!! Those cheeks, you must kiss them a million times a day! Stay safe and I hope that your weekend passes with nothing more than a little rain! I can't believe that, for once, Louisiana is free and clear of hurricanes!