Friday, August 5, 2011

meet my blogher roommate

While I'm off on my BlogHer adventure in San Diego, I thought I would share some tidbits about the woman I'll be sharing my room with.

Meet Tara, the Geeky Hostess:

I was a little nervous about finding a roommate to share the costs of this trip with, but I'm quite sure that as you're reading this Tara and I are becoming fast friends & eating cupcakes & talking about Star Wars & gushing over wedding details & being hyper-organized Type A's together.

At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Tara's site is devoted to all things geeky: geeky fashion, geeky recipes, geeky entertaining, and more. It's super cute and full of links to adorable things like this R2D2 lunch box that I Have To Have In My Life ASAP. Her blog is well-written and witty, and I have totally swooned over the gorgeous videos from her geeky chic wedding, which took place atop the Space Needle in Seattle. Both of the videos are absolutely stunning: The Wedding & The Reception. What a gorgeous bride, right?

I'm 99% sure that she will not stab me in my sleep, and even more sure that we are going to have a blast as roomies at BlogHer. Enjoy perusing her site!

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  1. Tara's the kind of girl that would have your back if zombies invaded. Glad she found another gal to room with that appreciates her geekiness as much as her friends do :) Your daughters insanely cute!