Sunday, July 24, 2011

steppin' out saturday: 07.23.11

Last night we Stepped Out to dinner with my in-laws, who are here enjoying the midcoast for a few days. We had a big crew on the deck at Amalfi, which meant lots of hands to help keep Natalie entertained. Her cousins took turns walking her around the patio, and she went for a couple of strolls down the boardwalk with her Grandpa while Mikey and I enjoyed our dinner (fish&chips for me, rare wasabi tuna steak for the Moo).

It was another scorcher, and poor miss Natalie was awfully flushed and warm by the time our meal was through. Before plopping her in a cool bath and tucking her into an air conditioned bedroom, we snapped these pictures. Of course the budgie wanted nothing to do with having her photo taken.

On Mama:

Dress: TJ Maxx (a repeat Steppin' Out ensemble!)
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless
& no-heat curls, which withstood the humidity and seabreeze quite well, I must say!

On the budgie

Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Teeny Toes, Payless
Hair bow: Wal-Mart

Oh! And I'm still a huge fan of the Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail polish strips. I went with the zebra print yesterday--love!

We have a busy week ahead of us--beach trips with the grandparents, teaching Natalie's cousins Settlers of Catan, a double date with the Gebbies (!!!!), and a trip to the aquarium with my mom and dad. Oh, and work: Mike's last week of teaching summer school, and my second to last full week of summer camp before BlogHer!

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  1. Cute so cute!!! I love the nails. I have been dying to try the sally hansen nail stuff....looks great!

  2. I love the blue dress, great color!

    And your nails look really fun, I want to try that!

  3. That color blue looks awesome on you! My sis is also a big fan of the SH nail stickers...I need to try those a.s.a.p.!

  4. So pretty, that shade of blue is gorgeous on you! And I LOVE Nat's dress!!!