Sunday, July 31, 2011

steppin' out: 07.31.11

This morning Mikey granted me nearly 3 full hours of sleeping in past Natalie's 5:30am wake-up call. It was bliss. The two of them are like peas and carrots these days--the budgie likes nothing better than being snuggled up with "Daddeeeee."

When I finally rolled myself out of bed the three of us lazed around the house before Stepping Out to pick up our farm share vegetables and grab a bite of lunch (sandwich for Moo, corn chowder pour moi, and dill quiche for miss Natalie) at our favorite coffee shop. I also tried my first coconut water, which I am still trying to decide if I loathed or loved.

Here is what we wore:

I asked Mike to get some close-ups of my jewelry, and it makes me feel a bit weird putting these extreme face shots (hello crow's feet) on the blog, but I'ma put on my brave pants and do it anyway.

Predictably, Natalie's outfit was covered in eggy mess after lunch, so her sweet outfit had to be replaced for the afternoon. :)

On Mama:

Jeans: Gap
Tank: Victoria's Secret
Cardigan: NY & Co.
Earrings: Mace's, local

Necklace: Bowerbird Handmade
Flippy-Floppies: too old to remember....

On the budgie:

Top: Gap
Shorts: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Payless
Hairbow: gifted

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  1. You look so pretty! I'm so jealous that you are in jeans, I miss wearing jeans and this heat is unrelenting! Your necklace is gorgeous!