Saturday, July 30, 2011

say cheese!

Our friends Tylea and Pat (and their Adorable-with-a-capital-A boys) were in Maine this week, which meant an adults-only double date midweek and a kids & beach day yesterday. I took so many pictures of those sweet little boys, which I will share later on today.

After getting sand in every possible chubby baby crevice, we headed up the road for cheeseburgers al fresco and did our best to get some photos of the mommies and their "babies" (Daniel is 3 and Nolan is just a couple of months younger than Natalie). Getting those three kids, and us moms, to all look at the camera and smile was a pretty impossible task. Here are a few of the shots Mike captured of us trying to get it together. I have been cracking up looking at them over and over, especially because of Daniel's hilarious grins (and the way he holds little Nolan's hand in a couple of the last ones).

I lovelovelove this family, and whenever I see them I have to remind myself of all the reasons Mike and I left New York to get back to Maine so I don't just pack up a U-Haul and move right back to Albany. My plan this time around is to come up with a way to convince them to relocate up here so I can have them near all the time.

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  1. Oh, this looks like so much fun!!!! Nothing better than spending time with good friends!