Thursday, July 21, 2011

i can breathe in a small town

I think miss Natalie enjoyed her trip to The County, mostly because it involved lots of wide open spaces to run around. She spent some time in her birthday suit, taking advantage of a long weekend of country livin'. I took so many pictures of her racing around her grandparents' big lawn, and have looked at them about a hundred times since we arrived back home in Rockland.

While I can't imagine spending my adult life in the small northern town where I grew up, seeing Natalie enjoy it so much definitely reminded me of what an amazing place it is for a kid. I was lucky to have hundreds of acres of land at my disposal as a child, filled with places to run and explore and feel completely free and safe. I love that visiting there means Natalie can have that same experience. Here are some of my favorite shots of her livin' it up in potato country.

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  1. i love love LOVE the second photo! that should be blown up and framed!