Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day!

We've had a pretty busy little weekend around MooHooVille, but a good busy to be sure. We spent yesterday walking around our town with Mike's dad and stepmom, having lunch at our favorite coffee shop and then visiting the Children's Museum so Natalie could say farewell to the chicks she's been visiting over the past few weeks (who have grown fast and are headed off to a new home). Rockland also has a Summer Solstice street fair every year, with Main Street taken over by foot traffic, fried seafood stands, musicians, and street performers. We ate our fill of fair food before heading home for the night just as thunderstorms rolled in.

Today we were up and at 'em for a morning run and then met up with Mike's parents and my parents for a walk out to our town's lighthouse. The Breakwater Lighthouse is at the end of a nearly mile long path made of huge chunks of granite. It was a gorgeous (though windy) day, and we got to watch the annual lobster boat races while we walked.

I took tons of pictures of our walk out, and even more of our little cookout on the back porch. Here are a bunch:

We pretty much completely screwed up Natalie's routine this weekend, and we've been paying the price a bit--she's been overtired for a lot of our waking hours. By some miracle she hardly made a peep during the long walk out to the lighthouse, and was full of smiles, kisses, and snuggles during lunch. We're hoping all the excitement of the weekend will result in a sound night's sleep tonight, and tomorrow we'll get back on track for a more normal budgie schedule.

I hope you all had great Father's Day weekends!

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  1. Such a beautiful family!! Looks like a great weekend!!