Sunday, May 22, 2011

workin' on the weekend

It's been a productive weekend in MooHooVille! Mikey worked with a local handyman yesterday to get a fence up in our backyard, and today we got the lawn mowed and flowers planted around our back deck. Things are shaping up pretty nicely out there! Now, we just need an even slightly sunny day so we can enjoy it a bit.

While the Moo was hard at work digging post holes and measuring fencing, Natalie and I took a day trip to Augusta to visit the Children's Museum, go out to lunch, and do a bit of shopping. Here are some picture of the budgie enjoying the Children's Museum:

The biggest hits of the day were the model supermarket, the touch tank (well, the enclosed motor of the touch tank, which Natalie liked to press her face up to), and the musical instruments.

This afternoon we're watching as many episodes of Prison Break as we can squeeze into Natalie's naptime, and then I think we'll probably be Steppin' Out to get groceries and an ice cream cone.


  1. it was a great time! i did feel silly for picking the ONE nice, sunny day of the last month to go to an indoor playplace... but it was definitely a great time. :)

  2. That looks like a fun museum! Now that Mason is walking, I can't wait to take him back to ours - I bet the supermarket will be his favorite too!