Thursday, May 5, 2011

bloggy bartering

In exchange for this adorable picture of Natalie, I am only asking for two clicks from you. Deal?

Cute picture:

Two clicks (once on the button, and once on the thumbs-up next to my blog name):

Remember how I said I would only ask you once and that it's just an honor to be nominated? Well, it IS an honor to be nominated, but I lied about the part where I only ask you to vote once. Mostly because this little blog is holding its own in the Top 25 Baby Journal ranks! Voting ends May 16th, and I'd reallyreallyreally be over the moon if I was ranked when voting closes. I will be asking for votes just one more time, I promise.

Thank-you so much for the clicks you've all clicked thus far--I'm totally blushing over here just thinking about it.


  1. You rock, Hil!!! So psyched - I've voted a bunch! (BTW - a favorite blogger of ours is now following my blog...I may get addicted to this, too...perhaps we should go to Sand Diego together ;)

  2. yessss, come to san diego!!!!! what fun that would be! :)

    AND, yes, it is totally addictive. and seeing someone you follow on your own followers list is such a point of pride. YAY!