Sunday, April 10, 2011

steppin' out saturday: 04.09.11

Yesterday was a such a lovely Saturday, practically perfect in every way.

We walked & walked & walked in the sunshine, pretty much from the minute Natalie woke up from her morning nap until dinnertime. We finally made good on our promise to take the budgie for her first-ever ice cream cone, so one of our family walks was to Dairy Queen with Mike's dad. We were so excited to see her take her first delicious little lick of a vanilla cone.... and she HATED it. Like, really really hated it. Burst into red-faced, tear-squirting screams, and was inconsolable anytime the ice cream was brought anywhere near her.

It was super funny.

Last night was a co-worker's 30th birthday bash ("30 & Perty," with a live reggae band and delicious Cafe Miranda bread and very strong drinks at one of our favorite pre-pregnancy haunts). We booked ourselves a baby-sitter and stepped out for a night on the town.

I picked up the dress on sale at the Grasshopper Shop here in Rockland, and the shoes are Enzo Angiolini, from Mike's Macy's Employee Discount days.


  1. thanks, ladies! i love the dress, it's so comfortable. it felt so good to get dressed up for a night out!

  2. Glad to hear Mike's dad is feeling better! AND you are so beautiful, mama. Love that picture of you two!!

  3. That it too funny with the ice cream cone. I accidentally ordered the conefor the kids. Originally i was feeding abby the ice cream with a spoon but as soon as she saw the cone she just picked it up and was "licking" it. It was so freaking cute I thought I was going to die. Abby is a eater though. She pretty much eats anything we put in front of her except most fruits. I am hoping this summer with the fruit being more fresh she will like it better. On a different note Harper mentioned you guys are coming out Saturday. It sounded like it was a night out sans kids. Is that what the plan is or are you guys planning on a kid friendly hang out day. We would like to get together with everyone so we need to know about childcare arrangments if necessary.