Sunday, April 3, 2011

steppin' out friday: 04.01.11

On Friday night Mikey and I headed out to a big 80's dance party fundraiser for my job. We got ourselves all dolled up and braved the silly April Fool's Day Nor'Easter for a night of adult fun, leaving the budgie to continue her pajama day at home with Nana.

Here's a look at our night:

Everyone really stepped up their costume game for the event, especially my co-workers (pictured above). I'll spare you the outfit breakdown this week because, hello, Goodwill, and instead just encourage you to check out the other Steppin' Out bloggers over at Harper's Happenings!


  1. You guys crack me up. I saw your thumbnail over at the Haps and thought 'Oh Lord... what did they do??' :) Looks like fun!

  2. haha, the pictures crack ME up, too! it was so fun to get out for an adult night, however ridiculous it was :)