Friday, April 1, 2011

natalie's godparents

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now, but just haven't had the right words. Then, at Natalie's birthday party, this moment (and its photo) just took my breath away and reminded me to sit down and do a bit of writing about Natalie's godparents.

Mikey and I went back and forth a bit while I was pregnant on whether or not to even ask anyone to be our child's godparents. We haven't quite sorted out what our family's religious affiliation will be, and godparents seemed like a pretty big part of all that. But once Natalie was out here and we started to watch her form relationships with our friends who will be the adults in her life, we thought a bit more seriously about the godparent thing. Really, the right choices were always in front of us.

Lindsay and Jon were the perfect choices for our girl, just the right people for her to call upon as she grows up and needs advice from anyone other than her parents.

Linds and I worked together as grad assistants in a perfect little "first real world job" experience that was a mix of ridiculously hard work and complete silliness. We were part of a small group of young, like-minded women who were thrown into our positions at just the right time to enter each other's lives, and it was a huge year for me in terms of figuring out who I was going to become. I love that Natalie will have Lindsay to look up to as she also figures out the woman she is meant to be.

Mike and I met Jon through a group of guys that Mike went to high school with. It is actually kind of hilarious that the guy we met as college students is now the man we are asking to be Natalie's godfather. We have had some ridiculous times together, probably the most outrageous times of my adult life, and we've matured together, too. No one could have predicted that the Last King of Hollywood would be Natalie's most loyal Top Baby Blogs voter--just one of many reasons we know he's the right choice to be her godfather.

They both made the long drive north to be a part of her first birthday celebration, and it was so heartwarming for all of us in MooHooVille to see them with Natalie!

Thank-you both for being a part of Natalie's life! We are so happy that she has you, and that we have you.