Sunday, April 24, 2011

more easter

A few more pictures from our Easter Sunday:

We had such a nice time, and it was so good to see my parents back home safe and sound after their European getaway. They were both just beaming, and overflowing with sweet stories about the beauty of all the sights they took in while on vacation.

Natalie's cold seemed to wane a bit during our outing to Nana and Poppy's, but is back with such vengeance now that I fear we are in for a night of just about zero sleep. The kid just can't stop snotting and coughing and burning up. Poor little love. I hate to see her sick like this. For now she's snuggled up in bed and Mike and I are toasting the end of his spring break and our Easter holiday weekend with a bit of pinot, seafood stuffing on the half-shell, and probably a bit of instant Netflix.

Even with a sick babe, I can't help but think that life doesn't get too much better.


  1. OH DEAR! Guess who I am blaming for that vile illness! : ( I am terribly sorry Natalie is sick. If it helps, my kids had it quickly... Really, I feel awful!

  2. don't feel badly in the least!! she was around tons of other kids while we were in NY, plus she was right back at daycare last week... seriously, germs were everywhere around her in the past week or so!