Sunday, March 13, 2011

wonderful weekend

Last weekend? Mostly sucked, with the exception of a playdate outing on Saturday. But, generally speaking, the weekend was a bust. Everything seemed to go wrong--Mikey was hurling, Natalie was not sleeping, and I was too tired from the week to feel up to the challenge of taking care of both of my loves. As if that wasn't bad enough on its own, little things started randomly going wrong at every turn--the hot water ran out mid-shampoo, the Shamrock Shake machine was broken at McDonald's, I misplaced nearly everything I seemed to need.

Ugh. I was so ready for Monday, which I do not say lightly.

What a difference a week makes, though. This weekend has been absolutely delightful, and I don't want it to end AT ALL! We started off with a little outing to Cappy's Chowder House (where we ordered mac&cheese for Natalie, to go with her brought-from-home chicken & veggies... her first menu order!) on Friday night; went for multiple sunny walks; got the Jeep washed & vacuumed & smelling sweet; stepped out to lunch on Saturday; watched an entire movie on a Saturday night; and, shhhhh don't tell, we even got two very good nights of sleep.

It's been just what we needed to make up for last weekend. Thank-you, Universe. I needed this one.

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  1. Mac & Cheese is quite possibly the best "first menu order" ever. ever.