Sunday, March 27, 2011

steppin' out saturday: the naterpillar edition

Ahhhhhh, the Naterpillar par-tay has passed, and we all survived. I managed to hold my tears in until it was Natalie's bedtime (the moment, I guess, that I realized I was putting my now-ONE-year-old to bed for the first time), and really it was an amazingly special day for our little family that I know I will always remember. I have so many pictures to share, so many people to thank, and so much to share from the day. I will do all that soon, but let's just start with what we wore:

On Mama: Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger Shirt: Old Navy Bracelet: Gifted oh, and some jeans that were never really photographed all day. A Reny's purchase, I believe On the Naterpillar: Shirt: Garanimals, embellished by Mama Leggings: Crazy 8 Tutu: Garanimals Party Hat: Stell and Livi (etsy shop here & blog here)

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  1. love, love, love that hat! lol - and the tutu!