Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring, please

It's thisclose to really being spring around here, despite weather reports that are calling for MORE snow tomorrow. Lately we've had blustery, clear days that have left me desperate for anything over 50 degrees. Yesterday the budgie and I went for a windy outing to get coffee & a cookie, and then walked the Boardwalk for the first time since all the winter messiness melted away. It was brisk, to be sure, but it felt like spring down by the water. It was a preview of the summer ahead--I am so excited to spend the upcoming months outside with Natalie! Last year was a lovely first summer for her, but this year she will be able to do so much and explore everything for herself. I can't wait. Here are some pictures from our chilly morning:

Also, is anyone else having issues with Blogger's formatting lately?? I can't seem to figure out my spacing AT ALL without doing major frigging around with the html. Just me?


  1. thanks, linds! she was soooo cute trying to check out the water, i nearly died.