Monday, March 7, 2011

naterpillar par-tay: a preview (2)

Another preview of the Naterpillar party, which is less than 20 days away! Aahhh!

Because I promised Mikey that I would not blow our entire (umm, mostly non-existant) savings on a birthday party for someone who will never remember it, I've been spending my free time on some cheap DIY decoration projects. I'm sure the Moo thinks I've lost my mind when he comes home to find me hunched over a my hole punch & Eric Carle stickers making straw tags, but, oh, well. At least I'm not breaking the bank.

Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been working on:

These cute little caterpillars were really easy to make. They're just styrofoam craft balls that I painted green and red, and then attached with toothpicks to look like creeping 'pillars.

These caterpillars were even easier to make, if that's possible. They're just pipe cleaners that I wound into spirals and then glued red pom-poms as heads.

The polka-dotted front page of The Very Hungry Caterpillar has probably been my favorite inspiration for the party. Anywhere that I've seen something with colorful polka-dots, I've just had to have it. The bags shown here were 33 cents apiece at Target, and the little spotted buckets (holding lollipops--remember, "On Saturday, he at through [...] one lollipop") were also Target finds for under a buck, and any Elmira College alum will surely recognize the old water-bottle-wrapped-in-tissue-paper trick from Orientation. I've also spray painted a bunch of little paper plates in a rainbow of colors, which will be arranged in rows on the wall at the party to replicate the pattern from the book. All told, these polka-dotted projects cost under $12. Not bad, right?

I have a bunch of other stuff, too, so I can't exactly say with all honesty that this party will be a cheap endeavor by any means, but Mikey if you're reading this I promise I'm not putting us in the poor house.

Luckily, we're pretty much already in the poor house. So you can't blame this party for that. ;)


  1. Very cute so far! Another idea, if you're interested: a friend of mine did the same party theme recently, and she used balloons to make a caterpillar. She tied a row of green balloons and one red one to a railing, but varied the lengths of the strings to make them different heights. I think she drew a face on the red one, but can't remember. Simple and cheap!

  2. So cute and so creative! It looks like it's going to be a great party!

  3. @Kendra
    thanks SO much for the suggestion! i saw something similar on another blog, and i think i will be attempting it :)

  4. love it! can't believe she's going to be one already and I HAVEN'T EVER MET HER! in person, at least, 'cuz I've been following your blog since the get-go pretty much.