Monday, March 28, 2011

& eat it, too

The moment I was probably looking forward to the most on Natalie's birthday was seeing her dive into her first cupcake. I made little apple spice cupcakes in an attempt to offer her something healthy underneath all that sugary frosting.

These are some of my favorite pictures of the cupcake smashing action (which many of you have already seen on facebook):

The clean-up after the cupcake was super hard (as we'd been warned that it would be)! Natalie's hair was completely crusted over with frosting, and she'd stained her hands and face all red, too. The last picture above is her after one round of face washing, just before going in for round two.


  1. oh my god. i can't believe how much she looks just like both you and your sister in these pictures!

  2. i see emma in her all the time now, too! it's crazy. my dad brought down a bunch of our baby pictures recently, and it was so fun to look through and see who natalie is looking like these days.