Thursday, February 24, 2011

vacation's all i ever wanted

We've been having so much fun on our Florida vacation! I can't believe the week is coming to a close and we have to hop back on a plane tomorrow to head north. We are going to be so, so sad to say goodbye to Natalie's grandparents, the sunshine, and so many restful days off all together.

I have taken tons of pictures, as usual. Here are a few from the week that show what we've been up to:

checking out the aquarium & touch tank at the zoo

swimming & drinking gallons of chlorinated water

playing with grandma & grandpa

getting curlier by the second (this look is very cute on natalie's short little locks, which have also lightened up considerably in the sun. my hair has also reacted to the humidity... but i'm looking more monica-in-barbados than curly sue)

exploring new places & textures by climbing in cupboards, petting palm trees, freaking the freak out in grass, and eating alligator.

In all, a great vacation. I'll have more thorough updates, and some travel-with-baby tips when we're all settled in back home.


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