Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top Five Tuesday: Top Five People Who Should Be Blogging

It's Top Five Tuesday again, and I actually remembered this week! Score!

This week's category: Top 5 People I Know Who Should Be Blogging.

This is all about peer pressure, people, so allow me to twist your arms and rope you into this addictive little pasttime.

1. The Moo. My dear husband has done a couple of guest posts on BabyMooHoo (that you can read here and here and here), and I think he should branch out to his very own url. The man is funny, observant, verbose, and clever. I know you all would love reading his witticisms, so join me in convincing him to officially join the blogosphere.

2. A couple of other moms I know, including Renee and Tylea. Renee started a blog a while back (part of my inspiration to start this one up), but I think life got in the way of keeping up with it. Tylea, I'm sure, would also say that there is just not time in the day to blog. Well, ladies, consider yourselves challenged to make it work! I can't imagine two other families more suited for hilarious interwebs photos, stories, and toddler talk than yours. Puh-lease consider it!

3. Anyone pregnant. I'm so all about pregnancy blogs, despite the fact that getting pregnant again makes me recoil in horror and start soaking through the armpits of my shirt. Sarah has already joined the baby blog troupe, and I seriously urge any of you other mommies- and daddies-to-be to do it, too. Yes, I realize that pregnant women are smug. That's part of the charm. And when else in your life can you write page after page about your belly button and food cravings? Go. For. It.

4. My sister. Just because she's hilarious and so beautiful that her picture should be plastered all over any available web page. If it wouldn't surely enrage her HR department, I'd also encourage her to base a blog solely on her workplace, which would have us all rolling on the floor laughing.

5. My dear Morgan (who is arriving in Maine TODAY!!). Because she is constantly adventuring around the globe and has the most unpredictably funny stories up her sleeve. The girl is almost always in a different time zone with limited internet access and a missing phone, so blogging may not be in the cards. Trust me, the internet is missing out big time on that one.

Your turn--who do you know that should be spilling his or her guts out to the entire interwebs world??


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, pretty lady/wife-o-mine! I'd actually love to have a blog, simply because I think I'm pretty awesome. I just don't know how you do it on an hour and a half of sleep. It's all I can do to stay on the right side of the road, never mind craft original witticisms. But someday, if we ever sleep again, I think I just may take up the gauntlet that you have so furiously thrown down.

  2. YES, the blathering blatherskite RETURNS!