Sunday, February 6, 2011

steppin' out without the budgie

This weekend the Moo and I got to Step Out on our own for an afternoon of shopping and bar hopping, followed by dinner and an overnight at a sweet oceanside inn. The overnight was a present from my mom, who not only gifted us with the hotel voucher but also volunteered to watch the budgie while we went out on the town and enjoyed a full night's sleep. This generous offer was made all the more incredible by the fact that she was still willing to do it after finding out that Natalie is right smack in the middle of another ear infection. The Nana braved it anyway, and we couldn't be more grateful.

I'm linking up, as usual, with the other Steppin' Out ladies over at Harper's Happenings. Be sure to check out her post to see what everyone else did and wore this weekend!

This is what we wore:

On Natalie:

Hoodie - L.L. Bean
Jeans - Faded Glory, Wal-Mart
Jacket - TJ Maxx
Hat - Handmade by a vendor at a local farm stand
Shoes - Teeny Toes

On Mama:

Dress - TJ Maxx, per uge
Jacket - Target
Belt & necklace - No idea
Shoes - Enzos, Macy's

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  1. Hilary you look amazing. Thank you for giving me hope :-)