Sunday, February 27, 2011

steppin' out saturday: florida edition

Not from Saturday, because yesterday = 4 hour nap, sweatpants, and catching up on all the television we missed while in Florida.

On Mama:

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: NY & Co.
Shoes: Caparros (my wedding shoes!)
All jewelry (which you can't see here, and included an impromptu gifted bracelet just as we ran out the door for supper): gifts from the in-laws

On the budgie:

Dress: Carter's
There were shoes, and bloomers, but they were short-lived

(the purse is mine, a gift from Mikey's Grandma Cherry... I just l-o-v-e seeing miss Nat hold it on her arm so sweetly!)

I was super excited about this outfit when I was packing it, but ended up not finding it as flattering as I had hoped. I'm still figuring out my "Mama Style," and this outfit was way comfortable, but I'm sure I was flashing the neighbors my butt cheeks every time I bent over to hold Natalie's hands, and I don't think it's the best look I've rocked lately. Oh, well.

Natalie was so gosh darn cute, what I was wearing seemed secondary:

Mikey got dressed up, too, but not until after Natalie's bath and bedtime, so no pictures of his cute button-down this week. Here are some shots of him goofing with Natalie near her favorite palm tree, doing her new signature pouty lip:

Oh, and I didn't tell you what we Stepped Out to do! On our last night in Florida, we made our way to my favorite little Rte 1 Melbourne restaurant, Ozzie's Crab House. They serve buckets of crabs smothered in garlic and hot spices, along with a hammer, bucket, and a full roll of paper towels. This is, 100% my idea of a great romantic night out with the Moo.

We enjoyed cocktails with our frog legs, gator tail, and cracked conch appetizers, and then powered through half a dozen crabs before finally heading home completely stuffed. It was a fabulous way to end our vacation.

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