Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and to add a bit more unpleasant to the mix...

First, let's start off with the positive: check out how super cute Natalie looked as she headed off to daycare yesterday:

So cute, right? Circo stuff is super cheap on Diapers.com right now--that cute little polka dot tunic was under $10, and arrived on my doorstep within 2 days of my order being placed. I? love Diapers.com

But, anyway, enough positive stuff. Let's move right on into the latest affliction in the MooHoo household: Diaper Rash. Yes, with capital letters. It's THAT bad. Sorry to those of you who would rather not read about my child's bowel movements and general diaper region, but those are the topics du jour.

We sent Natalie off to daycare yesterday in this super cute outfit, two days in to her latest round of antibiotics for her ear infection, and were greeted at the end of the day by a child who had not only pooped through this original outfit, but also her back-up outfit. She was in head-to-toe daycare-wear after some rather epic poop explosions throughout the day. Side effect of the antibiotic, which we were forewarned about (and dealt with the last time she was on this same med). The much worse side effect, partly due to the crazy diaper action of the day, was a major case of diaper rash, the likes of which I had never seen before.

Sure, Natalie's had a bit of redness over the past 10+ months, but this was something different. Not only painful for us to see, but obviously super painful for the budgie. She's been yelping in pain every time she pees because it stings her poor raw skin, and diaper changes have reached a new level of nightmare-ish. She literally howls in pain every time we change her and then turns into a cuddly puddle of snuggles for about half an hour afterwards, curling up into a ball and mushing her nose into my neck for comfort. It is heartbreaking.

We're not taking it lying down, rest assured. With the recommendations of our pediatrician and a great baby care book that my sister gave us for Christmas, we're using the following plan:

1. No wipes. It's just warm water and cotton balls on the babe's tush for now.

2. Baking soda baths. A lukewarm bath with plenty of baking soda, and then just a gentle pat dry.

3. Plenty of air time. It's resulted in pee all over our floor, but as much as possible we've tried to go diaper-free for the day.

4. Over-sized diapers. We have a stockpile of diapers in the next size up that we use for Natalie at nighttime (more surface area = more absorbant, so no late night diaper changes), and I've been using them on her today so that she has something a little looser fitting around her bum.

5. Infant Tylenol for the pain, as needed.

6. Lotrimin. Yup, the stuff from the foot care aisle that's used for athlete's foot. Our pediatrician recommended we use it twice a day until we see improvement. We've also been using our regular tried-and-true diaper creams (Desitin and A&D are our favorites).

I'm no medical professional, so please don't follow my advice without checking with your own pediatrician, but I will surely be letting everyone know how this particular plan goes. Because I've already gone down the TMI path, and there's no turning back at this point.

In good news: Natalie's ears seem to be on the mend, my own dose of antibiotics has me feeling like a new woman, and Mikey has still shown no signs of getting sick.


  1. Hey!! Im glad everyone is on the mend..poor natalies butt though :(..2 things Ive tried for Carly is Aloe vera like all natural aloe..alittle of that on her bottom and it seems to help..also since your a diapers.com fan (LOVE THEM) GET THE G DIAPER!!!! Like NOW..they are the best..its a cloth and disposal diaper all in one..I dont trust them for over nights and going out trips but during the day when we are home Carly has the g on..they are wonderful and all natural and soft on her bottom!! They have saved us alot of diaper rashes!! I believe they are about $17.00 a diaper and you can get a pack of the inserts for about $12.00 they also have cloth inserts if you want to wash them..its a wonderful product!! Keep feeling better moohoo household :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you guys are sick again, but I'm also happy to hear you guys are feeling better. When Luke was about 8 months old he had this horrible rash that got so bad that he actually had open wounds. Once that happened I took him to the pediatrician. They told me to get domborro which I found at cvs. They recommend putting 1 packet mixed in warm water. I put it in a tupperware container to keep it for each diaper change. I just soaked a soft cloth in there and would put it in the diaper for for 5 minutes. I would then take that diaper off, let the skin dry and then lather on aquaphor. Abby has had a few diaper rashes and I have done this with them. It really helps it clear up. Just thought I would give you another possible solution to a crappy problem. Good Luck!

  3. thank you both SO much for the helpful advice!! the lotrimin seems to have minimized natalie's pain, but the redness is still pretty awful. i truly did not know that diaper rash could look like this... ick, it's awful. i'm open to trying ANYTHING that will help her feel better & clear this thing up--thanks for the suggestions to add to my diaper-rash-fighting arsenal :)

  4. Aw, poor Natalie and her poor butt. I hope she feels better soon.

  5. Poor Natalie! I hadn't heard the lotrimin trick; I'll ask our dr about that next time Lindsey needs some help. The baking soda baths have really helped her in the past. Hope her bum is better soon! (...and I hope our kids don't kill us in 15 years when they discover we've been discussing this online!)