Thursday, December 16, 2010

'tis the season

One of the many thoughts rattling around my head this Christmas season has to do with how much of a presence religion and spirituality will have in Natalie's life. I've decided against writing some big long philosophical post that shares all of my own personal confusion and wondering and curiousity about God(dess), but I did want to share this article that was posted on facebook by a dear friend. It has been a reminder to me to slow down a bit, to take stock of the world around me, and to think of the things I value and wish for.

I want Christmas to be, for Natalie, some balance between the Reason-for-the-Season stuff & the commercial-Santa-suit stuff. More than that, though, I would like this wintry time of family and love to be about looking outside of ourselves and believing in peace. No matter what your religion (or lack thereof), I think we all hope for the warmth that Christmas represents to wrap itself around and weave itself between all of the corners of the earth that need a little magic.

I am so, so excited for Christmas this year. I'm more than a little in the spirit of things. Have I mentioned that yet?


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