Sunday, December 12, 2010

sinuses, sniffles, sore throats, and steppin' out saturday

First: tomorrow I'll announce the first-ever Freebie Friday winner! Let me know if there are certain types of things you'd like to see as giveaways on upcoming Freebie 'days, and I'll do what I can to accomodate. I have a handful more lined up, but with the holiday season in full swing, it may be a couple of weeks until I get it together to get them on the blog.

In other news, I am finally feeling like a human again after battling a never-ending cold that ultimately landed me in the doctor's office with a sinus infection after a couple of days home from work on the couch. I haven't been that sick in years, and I am so, so glad to be on the mend and feeling more like myself. I'm just crossing my fingers now that Natalie's little nighttime cough is just a byproduct of teething and not a symptom of my cold.

By midday Saturday my antibiotic had kicked in and we stepped out as a family for an errand outing. I squeezed myself into a pair of those sausage-skin-tight jeggings that seem to be everywhere these days, and Mikey was kind enough to tell me that my tush looked nice (I know, I know... "tush." Ugh. But we're working on our language, so please be understanding.). Natalie's little tushy was looking cute as always, though it was all covered up by her Santa baby coat.

Being sick has given us a great excuse to just stay bundled in and not do much more than wrap presents, drink hot toddies, and listen to Christmas carols. I'm especially loving the Glee Christmas songs, and Mikey is happy to have the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on in the background while we play with Natalie.

Natalie has started to show a bit more interest in the Christmas tree, especially one particular shiny red bell ornament that is just within her reach. We have the tree blocked off with a couple of small ottomans, but she can stretch just enough to tug on the bell, and can easily spend 15 minutes (15 minutes! I never thought 15 minutes would feel like such a nice, long, stretch of time!) jingling the bell, licking the bell, throwing the bell under the couch, and reaching for the bell if I dangle it above her head.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Our Sunday has been pretty typical thus far--breakfast out and now snuggles and playtime as a family. We'll be having a potential baby-sitter over this afternoon to meet Natalie and get to know the house a bit, and then we plan on enjoying the impending storm from the warm comfort of our couch.

As a side note, I finally got around to getting BabyMooHoo listed on Top Baby Blogs... which my technologically-moronic self struggled with more than just a little bit. In appreciation for all my hard work, and if you like what you read on this bloggity blog, I'd be eternally grateful (or, grateful for a little while, anyway) if you would give 2 clicks on the link in the sidebar to the right to vote for me and the budgie!


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