Sunday, December 26, 2010

from steppin' out to snowed in

A couple of pictures of us Steppin' Out to the children's church service on Christmas Eve. Natalie was so well behaved throughout the entire thing, making just a few joyful noises between bites of cereal and many pages of her books.

She wore a Children's Place dress, bloomers, cardigan, and tights, Teensy Toes Mary Janes, a Garanimals turtleneck, and her hair bow was an early stocking gift from Santa (such a nice guy, right?).

I have no idea what Moo wore, other than the usual Old Navy dockers. I finally had an occasion to wear my Calvin Klein (yay TJ Maxx!) belted sweater dress, and accidentally wore a pair of old maternity tights with it instead of the control-tops I meant to pack. Oops.

Still, I think we made a pretty good-looking, fashionable little family of Christmas elves:

I have tons of Christmas pictures to share, which I thought would have to wait a week until our return from Florida.... but the blizzard warning for the entire Northeast has put the kai bosh on our travel plans, so you may get some cute present-opening photos yet. My guess is that I'll get around to it tomorrow when we're snowed in.

In addition to feeling bummed about our foiled travel plans, Mikey is battling a post-Christmas stomach bug. Ick. We're crossing our fingers that the power will stay on, Natalie will sleep well, and Mikey's upset stomach will settle. We are waiting for his parents to arrive to weather the storm with us while we watch for airport cancellations, and are trying to buck up and look forward to having the opportunity to drag Natalie around in her infant toboggin while we test out her new snowsuit our new snowshoes (Christmas gifts from Nana and Poppy!).

Hope you all had a merry merry & if you're fellow east-coasters hunker down and rest up for some shoveling.


  1. Gah, you're all so adorable.

    I would like you to send your snow my way, so I can be snowed in (which I would love) and you can go to Florida.

  2. You guys look so nice all dressed up for Christmas. I hope you guys had a lovely day together for Natalie's first Christmas. That sucks your plans have been cancelled, but being snowed in can be nice too!