Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well, our Thanksgiving will not exactly be going as planned. A[nother] visit to the pediatrician revealed that Natalie has a[nother] ear infection and she is now on a[nother] round of antibiotics. She's had 3 ear infections in twice as many weeks, and is continuing to battle a croupy cough and runny nose. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, this latest ailment swooped in and knocked the wind out of our sails. So, instead of a drive to New York and a Thanksgiving Eve bash with Mikey's old high school pals, we spent yesterday watching Elf in our pj's and eating Chinese food. Today, instead of a big turkey dinner with family we're going to go with a true Maine Thanksgiving of lobster, Aroostook potatoes, and Moxie.

This Thanksgiving, despite the major wrench that has been thrown in the works, we still feel incredibly thankful. Not for ear infections or cancelled plans, of course, but for an awful lot.

For a baby who is rugged and hardy and resilient.

For the ways that baby amazes us daily with her determination and curiosity.

For the love we have found in this new little family that we created, and the snuggles that are the new form of payment for all these months of exhaustion.

For a roof over our heads and (even just barely) enough money to pay our bills.

For all 6 of Natalie's grandparents and her great-grandma, who love her unconditionally and who she is so lucky to have in her life.

For friends who let us be ourselves and have understood that although our lives have changed completely in the past year, we are still the same people who grew up alongside them.

For more than I can express in words here.

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?

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  1. I am thankful for john, my wonderful family, fantastic friends, my pets who give me endless unconditional love, and my new job! I'm also thankful that you keep such an amazing blog- it makes me feel like you guys aren't so far away and makes me want to become a mommy more and more with every entry!! I so enjoy your posts, keep 'em coming :)