Saturday, October 30, 2010

still sickly saturday

Those two teeth may be the cutest little razor-sharp pearls in the world, but they sure are a lot of hassle. Apparently, for some inexplicable reason, a sneezy-stuffy-coughing cold will pretty commonly coincide with babies cutting their early teeth (oh, please lawd, don't let this be a recurring event with each of Natalie's baby teeth). So, in addition to blaming those pesky little bottom teeth for lots of pain, we can also put some of the blame for Natalie's miserable cold on them.

Even worse than that little cold, though, is that just when we thought she was recovered and getting back to normal, we were blind-sided by a double ear infection first thing last Monday morning. Our pediatrician's immediate response when we described Natalie's barking cough and sniffles after seemingly returning to her healthy self was, "Oh, you thought the cold was over? And she's teething? Yup, that's definitely gonna be an ear infection."

Turns out, the combination of swollen gums with swollen and clogged sinuses pretty easily adds up to an ear infection. With admittedly limited medical knowledge, I have surmised that all that swelling and mucus means that the fluid in Natalie's ears couldn't drain, leading to a bacterial infection. She's been sucking down her antibiotic like a champ (that bubble-gum pink syrup is definitely the sweetest thing she's ever tasted, and she's loving it), and seems to be on the mend for real.

Unfortunately, two weeks of a sickly little budgie has meant close to zero sleep for me and the Moo. We made the tough decision to cancel our weekend travel plans to see Natalie's Gma and Gpa in favor of a low-key recovery weekend at home. That means I'll be taking the time to upload tons of pictures to accompany some posts I've been working on this week, so check back later today or tomorrow to see more of cute little Natifuss.

And, of course, you can count on Halloween pictures to beat the band.

Cross your fingers for better health and lots o'sleep in the MooHoo household!


  1. Ugh -- yes, chalk that one up to Things They Don't Tell You -- teething and cold = ear infections. GOOD TIMES! Noah loves the medicine, too, and tries to pretend he's sick to get the gooey pinkness "No-no tummy hurt. Need medicine."

    Here's wishing you all a restful weekend! Kisses to the Budge!

  2. Aw, poor Natifuss. I hope she feels better - and you two get some sleep - soon.