Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall fashion preview

Somebody's fall wardrobe is shaping up to be pretty cunnin', as the locals would say:

It was the perfect temperature for tights, a corduroy dress, and that sweet little bear-eared pink hat for our walk down to the farmer's market in harbor park this morning. I think in my sadness over summer ending I forgot that fall is my favorite season. And having a baby to dress up in season-appropriate attire makes that excitement even greater.

The girl can rock an outfit like no other, and I'm sure she'll be able to get away with some bold baby style choices this fall.

Cute clothes aside, it's been a big week around here for other reasons. Not only is Natalie now truly sitting up on her own, but she is getting so close to really crawling! It seems to have happened overnight, but she is now able to hoist herself up on all fours and rocks back and forth, just on the verge of really starting to move forward. I think it will be any day now that she just takes off and really becomes a baby on the go. Terrifying, really. Our sub-par attempt at baby-proofing will simply not cut it, and our time to get things out of reach, bolted to the wall, and locked up is running out. This weekend will most certainly involve a more focused attempt at preparing the house for our mobile baby.

Other than sitting around staring at Natalie as she tries to crawl (and ultimately face-plants into the carpet), we are trying to get into the new routine now that Mike is back at work. I'm still home two days a week, and we are so lucky that my mom also spends two days a week watching Natalie, which means we're only sending her to daycare one day every week. So far it's been a smooth transition, despite a very tearful (for me, not Natalie) first drop-off at daycare. I'm planning on devoting a more detailed post to the working-mom-daycare thing soon, once we are a bit more settled into the routine.

We're off for more of our girls' day out, headed to TJ Maxx for some more fall-wardrobe shopping. For me and for her--my clothes continue to be either too big (I've slimmed down and out of all my "in-between" stuff) or too small (only some of my pre-pregnancy stuff fits, the rest is tight in all kinds of weird places), so I need a few more fall-ish items to beef up my closet, and there is no doubt that a walk through the baby clothes aisle will result in some more purchases for the budgie. It's impossible to resist.

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  1. She is so lucky to have a mama who is fashion forward.