Thursday, August 12, 2010

reunited and it feels so goooood

Natalie was reunited with her Gma and Gpa this week, after almost two full months of separation! I think all three were entering major sad territory after being apart for so long. They quickly became reacquainted (Natalie isn't one to be shy, especially when there are beards to be grabbed). I love this photo of Sharon looking so beautifully happy as she cracks up watching Natalie attack Richard's fuzzy face:

Having 2 grandfathers with beards is pretty much a baby's dream come true--so much fun furry stuff to latch onto and give a good yank. She recently discovered her Poppy's beard, which she had formerly just stared at in amazement and crinkled her nose at when he would brush it against her face. If you haven't seen the video of her first death grips on my poor dad's face, it's definitely something to put on your agenda for the day!

I've seen lots of babies get a little nervous around bearded men when they haven't ever been around them before, and I think it's great that Natalie will have no such apprehension thanks to her mountain-men grandpas. Considering how many bearded lobstermen, artists, and back-to-the-land hippie-types reside in Rockland, it's probably a good idea for her to get used to beards. Although, I'm not sure all those strangers would react so kindly to her vise-like grip coming at their faces...

One of the highlights of our visit with Mike's mom and stepdad was a dinner out at Amalfi, which Natalie got all dolled up for. The girl loves having an occasion to play dress up!

It's possible that I am the one who likes to dress the babydoll up, but Natalie doesn't seem to mind having something pretty to chomp on. I think the fancy stuff must taste better...

It was a gorgeous evening to sit out on the patio, which we had all to ourselves thanks to our early-bird suppertime (Natalie has completely changed our eating schedule, and we now schedule all meals around her bathtime-naptime-fussytime-hungrytime-etc.-etc.-etc.). Mike and I were so thrilled to have a dinner out with two extra pairs of hands to hold and entertain Natalie. A meal at a table, with cloth napkins, and both hands free of rattles, spit-up, and other baby accoutrements?! We hardly knew what to do with ourselves.

Natalie seemed to enjoy the meal, too, from snuggling up to her Gpa while she enjoyed the view: being walked around the patio to enjoy all the exciting new sights, sounds, and smells of a new place, including her hands-down favorite, this metal windchime:

It's been a great visit, and it's not over yet! Sharon has spent the whole week here with us helping Mikey out at daddy daycare while I've been at work (Mike has been able to nap AND shower AND play fantasy baseball... I don't think he ever wants his mom to leave!). Today it's off to the Farmer's Market and then up to Angler's for a double-the-grandma-fun meal with my mom.

I've got lots more to say (in fact I've started jotting down notes on random napkins, pieces of scrap paper, and post-its when I think of something that I just can'twait to share on the blog), but I don't ever seem to have quite enough time to get it all out. But, be prepared for all kinds of updates soon on things like the gadgets and gear we l-o-v-e, Natalie's sleeping "schedule" (ha), our adventures in introducing solid food, plans for weaning, and lots more.


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