Sunday, January 3, 2010

snowed in

Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 is looking to be the most life-changing year yet for me and the Moo, which is saying quite a lot since the last two years have been filled with some pretty monumental landmarks (moving across state lines, getting hitched, buying a house...). But parenthood promises to be the biggest adventure yet, and we are feeling pretty friggin' excited about the whole thing. Baby MooHoo's due date is just 74 days away, and we can't wait to finally meet our little girl.
Mikey and I have been lucky enough to enjoy 11 blissful days of vacation together, which we've spent visiting with family and friends, doing some stuff on our house to-do list (we finished the wallpaper in the dining room!), and generally being lazy watching as much tv on dvd as possible. Our time off from work has been capped off with a big ol' coast-hugging storm that dumped about a foot of snow on our seaside town, punctuated with 40 mph winds. Definitely an excuse to hunker down at home and do some serious snuggling. Our couch time has necessarily been interupted by frequent snowblowing and shoveling breaks, as evidenced below. Check out my very handsome and newly handy husband clearing out our driveway:
I figured it was best for me to just stick it out inside as the photographer while he handled the snow removal responsibilities...
His reward for all this hard work? A late-arriving Christmas surprise: this adorable Pink Floyd onesie, which our rocker chick baby girl will surely throw up all over.
Despite the challenging weather, 2010 couldn't have started in a better way. We're feeling luckier, happier, and more optimistic than ever before and can't wait for our daughter to join us out here.
Hope you all had a very merry holiday season (I'm not letting go of Christmas for another coupla days... it's a winter wonderland outside and I've still got pipers piping and drummers drumming to look forward to before I say goodbye to my favorite holiday)! Happy 2010--hope you're looking forward to this year, too!


  1. Show of hands. Who's excited to see Mike in that Onesy?

    Ok... now show of hands besides Harper.

  2. I can't wait to see the adorable beige blazer that she'll have to wear over this so she can match her daddy!