Thursday, November 19, 2009

baby boom!

Things have been going well, pregnancy-wise. I have been feeling worn out more easily lately, and have needed to pace myself a bit more than I am used to so I don't become overtired... but overall, I am geniunely enjoying this pregnancy and feeling healthy!

The bump continues to expand, which amazes me and Moo pretty much every day!

There must be something in the water because, as our friend Dave said, "Pregnancy is spreading faster than swine flu!" I'm definitely in good company as I go through this pregnancy business, and wanted to devote this entry to all of those other mommies and mommies-to-be who are in the same plus-sized boat.

First of all, I have to give an official welcome to the newest addition to our extended family: my cousin Bronwen, her husband Guy, and big brother Brogan welcomed baby Kiernan into the world last week. Here is a picture of the beautiful little guy...

Mike's mom and stepdad are in for a double dose of granddaughter in the next few months. My sister-in-law Marissa is also pregnant, expecting her first daughter in February (almost a month to the day before we hope to meet our little papaya!). Marissa and her husband TJ just shared images from their 3d ultrasound, which are completely amazing!! Their little girl already has cute little chubby cheeks and I think she looks like Marissa! Here's one of their incredible ultrasound photos:

My best friend Tylea is also expecting, though there is still some question as to her exact due date. It's looking like Gebbie Baby #2 will be arriving the first week in June, but the actual due date seems to change every time she has an appointment with her OB! Tylea and Pat already have the cutest child in the world, so we're all very excited that they are adding more adorable to the world! Here's Ty's little peanut in his/her first photo shoot, at 10 weeks:

In addition to these fabulous mommies, it seems like everyone I talk to either is pregnant or knows someone who is pregnant. Girls from my high school, women in the grocery store, the hygienist at my dentist's office... everyone! I'm even sharing an office space with another preggo, which I am loving since we get to compare notes and commiserate over all things maternity on a daily basis. It feels pretty incredible to be part of this club of expectant women, and I'm super excited for baby moohoo to meet all of these playmates!


  1. Darn it, you make the cutest pregnant woman! Of course I immediately peered through el registry and got all excited about the little Hoo playing and bathing and just being here.

  2. Hello love! Your registry is fabulous & you can expect some goodies coming in the mail sometime soon for baby girl moohoo from the faraway- but often thinking of you- Tenbus'! I miss you guys and am already looking at the calendar, wondering when we can make a maine getaway! I agree, pregnancy is in the air. John & I are going to start actively trying in about a year or so. Until then, practice makes perfect :)

  3. Hey!! I love the post!! Thats so great you know so many people..I only have you!! I keep peer pressuring all of my friends to get knocked up..but I have been unsuccessful so registry is so great, that TJ and I think you and Mike should just do ours if you could get going on that, that would be just kidding..unless you really REALLY want too ;)!! See you guys in a few days!!!

  4. Hey I just wanted to give you my new blog address!! I had to change it
    Have a very VERY safe trip to NY!! See you soon!!